Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Garden Orgnoment (Pennywheeze the Clown)

Last summer, an old friend of mine with the slightly more mainstream hobby of painting plaster of paris gnome kits, asked me to personalise one for his collection.

Amused by the unusual gangsta rapper gnome guarding his rear lawn (that's not a euphemism), I was inspired to come up with something similarly unconventional...

So, I trimmed off his curly hair and hands with my trusty Dremel Stylus (useful device); smoothed off the skullcap with a large blob of milliput.. and added a few other details..

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Four A Gremlin converts to Malifaux..

Having done a couple of darker paintjobs, I wanted to try something more amusing/lighthearted, and to demonstrate that (with patience) figures can be adjusted to suit other purposes.

Took a while to settle on a skin tone I liked (scorpion green/yellow/bleached bone), and then ended up re-shading with Dark Angel green/dark blue and repeating a couple of times.
Piglet was terracotta/blood red with bleached bone (a very useful colour) and white... red ink washes around the nose and cheeks.

Four A Miniatures Gremlin
Procreate Putty (for the piglet)
Aluminum rod, with a dab of putty (for the bottle)
Toothbrush bristles for the basing effects
 Otherwise the usual stuff- Vallejo/Citadel paints (currently favouring Vallejo)

Monday, 21 March 2011

IP Stealer Hybrid Enfant Terrible

I needed a diversion so created a (second) conversion.

This little purple terror tot began it's existence as a Four A miniatures demonic imp... I'd been indulging in a bit of nostalgia fuelled Space Hulk (certainly buying it on Ebay a year after release was an indulgence) and was thus inspired to transform him/it...

Other ingredients: Vallejo/Citadel paints
Citadel base coat brush (for rough application and mixing)
Windsor&Newton series 16 size 1 (for more pleasant work)
Pro-create for the bug
Green stuff for the base
Heresy Ghoul King base corpse.. for the corpse

If I had a glue gun I'd be tempted to add some gunge..but I don't at this time.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pimped Goth Cherub

First one in maybe 10 years.

Converted Malifaux Cherub, painted with a combination of Vallejo and Citadel paints.

Converted elements were achieved with the usual putties... base was a carved cork; thin wire for the flower stems.. flower heads extremely fiddly, but how could I say no?

I found painting to be extremely absorbing... I made a coffee, sat down to tackle the skin ..and noticed 3 hours later that I hadn't taken a sip.

 I'd hope to smooth out blending on the next few figures.. probably invest in a set of inks for washes.

On the whole was pleased to discover the basic motor skills are still intact..